— Photography, in someway, has always been apart of my life. As a small child I stumbled upon an old Polaroid camera at my grandmothers. Although I didn’t know how to compose an image and I am pretty sure the eight images turned out blank I began to have a love affair with a camera. As I grew, I not only became fascinated with cameras but rather scenes and memories, for my imagination was beyond active, and I needed those stories to play out.

I started to get involved with theatre. I became intrigued with lighting and building a stage to where productions could unfold. Whether a scene was truly acted out on these sets, or if I allowed my mind to wander, the intrigue with these stages and actors was only to transfer to motion picture to where I began to focus my energy and intrigue. However, at the time, and  sense forth, cinema hasn’t allowed for me to go forth into creating scenes to where my imagination is able to act alone. Photography on the other hand has.

Within my imagery I shoot scenes. Whether those scenes are actually real life compositions or production I can only hope to convey the emotion and sense of belonging within that image.

— I believe that every image, scene, and or action taken with a camera has a precise moment to where, when, and how that notion is captured. Although my work is derived from landscape photography, I also seek to capture decisive moments to where a subject is within frame of the environment I am witnessing. It’s all easier said, than done.

My tools of the trade, for the most part, are that of a small rangefinder and or a old waist level Hasselblad. Both of which are loaded with an array of film stock. This allows me to be discreet at the times needed when shooting film, as well as letting me stick with my early perception and up bringing within the world of photography.

Yes, there are those times to where digital photography takes place within my work. But no matter what I use, to me a camera is the tool and the image is the set. You need one to build the other so as to create that perfect moment in time.

To me, what’s important in this world of change is the way it’s seen. I leave you now to enjoy the world through my eyes.